How do men
experience hair loss?

For starters, pattern hair loss, also known as "androgenic alopecia," is very common in men — about two-thirds of men experience this by the time they reach thirty-five. The next time you're out, simply look around you. Probably you'll see a number of guys with some form of hair loss.

What's going on?

As you get older, your follicles remain, but the hair growing from them gets smaller (like arm hair) or it stops regrowing entirely.

Where does it start?

Thinning typically begins at the temple and the crown of your head. Over time, hair at the temple continues to recede, leaving you a central patch of hair at the front of the hairline and a growing bald spot at the crown.

Untreated, it keeps going.

In most cases, you're left with a horseshoe pattern (that's why it's called "male pattern hair loss") known as the Hippocratic wreath, in honor of Hippocrates — an early hair loss scientist, among many other things.

This scale helps you determine how advanced your hair loss may be. It can help you know what to expect if you start moving in the other direction.

Why do men experience hair loss?

While it has never been understood completely, the main inhibitors to normal hair regrowth in men appear to be androgens, otherwise known as "male hormones."

It's manly for men to lose their hair.

Natural androgens like testosterone and, in particular, dihydrotestosterone (DHT) are the key hormones that make you male in the first place. The same stuff that gives you a deeper voice and male sex drive actually contributes to thinning hair.

DHT is powerful and cruel.

DHT is a very strong hormone — 3 to 5 times more powerful than testosterone. As boys become men, DHT is primarily what gives you facial hair. But, while giving you more hair in some places, it suppresses hair growth in others, like your temples and crown.

Why some men and not others?

Male pattern hair loss is primarily a genetic thing, although the exact genes are still unknown. For sure, other factors like diet and stress can play a role as well.

DHT can enable tremendous growth on your face… and back… and eyebrows… and ears, yet it can have the reverse effect on your head.

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